sexta-feira, janeiro 30, 2004

The go see 

John Currin


Peter Klint

quarta-feira, janeiro 28, 2004

The Art of... 

Karen Crosby @ hive1

terça-feira, janeiro 27, 2004

Nude Drawings by ... 

Gustav Klimt

sábado, janeiro 24, 2004

The Art of Fetish 

Roland Schal

Madonna Whore and the Art of... 


sexta-feira, janeiro 23, 2004

Cartas de uma freira portuguesa... 

...Pela mão do genial Milo Manara

Milo Manara

DRUUNA The Sexiest girl of all times.... by.... 


Erotika Poesia 

Um poema de bom gosto. Roubado ao BlogErotico a funda são.
Afundem-se nele...é um blog sexy...

"A Puta"

Quero conhecer a puta.
A puta da cidade. A única.
A fornecedora.
Na rua de Baixo
Onde é proibido passar.
Onde o ar é vidro ardendo
E labaredas torram a língua
De quem disser: Eu quero
A puta
Quero a puta quero a puta.

Ela arreganha dentes largos
De longe. Na mata do cabelo
Abre-se toda, chupante
Boca de mina amanteigada
Quente. A puta quente.

É preciso crescer esta noite inteira sem parar
De crescer e querer
A puta que não sabe
O gosto do desejo do menino
O gosto menino
Que nem o menino
Sabe, e quer saber, querendo a puta.

Carlos Drummond de Andrade

quinta-feira, janeiro 22, 2004

The Art of... 


Turn out the light 


segunda-feira, janeiro 19, 2004

Sexiest fetish Art by... 

Alan Daniels

domingo, janeiro 18, 2004


Mirosedina Elena

sexta-feira, janeiro 16, 2004

Patricia Reclining 

Anna Demovidova

quarta-feira, janeiro 14, 2004

Naked (1934) 

Paul delvaux @ Anarkasis

Van Gogh erotics 

Erotika Poesia 

Tullia replies, my dear Octavia, you,
That I can teach, shall every secret know.
Come this way, I've a pretty engine here,
Which used to ease the torments of the fair;
And next those joys which charming Man can give,
This best a woman's passion can relieve.
This dildo 'tis, with which I oft was wont
To assuage the raging of my lustful cunt.
For when cunts swell, and flow with strong desire,
'Tis only pricks can quench the lustful fire;
And when that's wanting, dildoes must supply
The place of pricks upon necessity.
Then on your back lie down upon the bed,
And lift your petticoats above your head;
I'll show you a new piece of lechery,
For I'll the man, you the woman be.
Your thin transparent smock, my dear remove
That last blessed cover to the scene of love,
What's this I see, you fill me with surprise,
Your charming beauties dazzle quite my eyes!
Gods! what a leg is here! What lovely thighs!
A belly too, as polished ivory white,
And then a cunt would charm an anchorite!
Oh! Now I wish I were a man indeed,
That I might gain thy pretty maidenhead,
But since, my dear, I can't my wish obtain,
Let's now proceed to instruct you in the game;
That game that brings the most substantial bliss;
For swiving of all games the sweetest is.
Open wide your legs, and throw them round my back,
And clasp your snowy arms about my neck.
your buttocks then move nimbly up and down,
Whilst with my hand I thrust the dildo home.
You'll feel the titulation by and by;
Have you no pleasure yet, no tickling joy?
Oh! Yes, yes, now I faint, I die.

Sodom´s of palace pleasure... and other fragrant poesies

terça-feira, janeiro 06, 2004

Illustration art 

Lynn Paula Russel aka paula Meadows

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